Full Body Funny Frog Puppet

SKU: FK-3033

Sale price$ 29.95


Some things just belong together; peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, you and the Full Body Funny Frog Puppet by Folkmanis.

It looks like a real frog only funnier, which is nice. It has excellent coloring and is really well made, also a plus. It's designed for frequent use, too, so you won't have any problems sticking your hand in it and making with the funny over and over again. What magic will you and your plush funny frog puppet create?

Ready for mischief, the FUNNY FROG puppet begs for your attention with expressive eyes and wide open smile. Donned in a hip, chartreuse, textured fabric all the way to his gangly feet, this comical character comes to life with movable mouth and front legs.

Length:7" Long Width: 5" Wide Height: 12" Tall Weight: 3.2 oz


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