Finger Weaving


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Through close-up, detailed views and explanations, this video presents the simple, step-by-step instructions needed to learn the art of fingerweaving. Including numerous techniques for basic, as well as complex patterns, from the simple chevron to arrowheads and flames, nothing beats actually seeing & hearing it explained in order to see how it's done. 67 min.

The Indian Lore Seminar series features recorded seminars from some of the masters of Indian crafts. Neither edited nor condensed each presentation gives you the full experience of being there and learning with the participants.

Selected for quality, content and authenticity they will help you learn all about Native American & Buckskinning craft techniques, outfits, dance styles and much more. To help you improve your skills and knowledge, nothing is better than observing and learning first hand from an master craftsperson in the field, sharing the tips & techniques gained over many years of experience.

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