Lakota Native Language Interactive


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In the development of our language interactives there has been a strong
collaboration between many Indigenous communities. We understand
that the preservation of our languages insures that the wisdom,
traditions, history and distinct identity of our people will continue on in
the future. Our language interactives have been designed to support
long-term culture and language revitalization programs that strive to build
closer relationships between the generations. This software supports
everyday proficiency naturally using authentic, culturally sensitive,
illustrations and Native speakers. First Nations’ families, elders, youth
and children will be immersed in their languages and culture through
interactive activities that will facilitate the transmission of basic language
structures and language fluency while building and encouraging
proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
Each language interactive contains the following:
Numbers, Money, Time, Alphabets, Pronunciations, Colors, Shapes,
Days, Months, Foods, Clothing, Household Objects, Weather, Seasons,
Directions and much more.

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