She Holds Up the Stars

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She Holds Up the Stars

By Sandra Laronde
Enter the world of an adolescent Indigenous girl navigating the challenges stacked against her amid a mesmerizing natural landscape. Her life undergoes a dramatic transformation upon encountering a wild horse, cruelly broken by a local rancher and his son. At first, clashes and tension arise between them, leading to ongoing discord within the rez and on the ranch. However, as she gradually forms an unexpected bond with the creature, she discovers a strength within herself that reshapes her deep connection to home, land, and heart.

Interest Age: 10 – 14 years and adults
Grade: 5 - 9

Best of Canadian Books for Kids and Young Adults in 2022
CBC Books
Winner of the 2023 Horace Mann Upstander Award
2023 CCBC's Best Books for Kids & Teens List
2024 Manitoba Young Readers Choice Awards nomination

She Holds Up the Stars is about an endearing and compelling character navigating her many challenges with tremendous heart. This wonderful novel will introduce young readers to the complexities of modern indigeneity and resilience.” – Eden Robinson, author of Monkey Beach and Son of a Trickster.

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