Walking the Red Road for Healing

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Pinesiw Iskwew, Thunder Woman, Dr. Marlyn Cook, member of Misipawistik Cree Nation is the author of Walking the Red Road for Healing and is based on her life and journey as a medical doctor and graduate of the University of Manitoba (MD in 1987). She believes that the approach to healing must be broadened to include holistic and Traditional Healers that work alongside physicians in our Indigenous communities. Dr. Marlyn Cook shares her own experiences of colonialism and how this affected her, her family and her community. Through her reflections of her Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Teachings of Ceremonies and Medicines she offers a way to heal and acknowledges the resilience of communities in their healing. Dr. Cook's intention in this powerful book is to bring us together in Truth and Reconciliation. This book will resonate with health, social, and justice practitioners and educators and our community members who want to walk the Red Road to healing.

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